Monday, November 12, 2012

I can't believe I never posted this!

When my the Sister in Law found out she was expecting a little girl she asked me to make her a diaper bag similar to a picture of a purse she had seen.  I welcomed the challenge and made this bag for her.  I was so excited to take it to her I forgot I hadn't taken any pictures before we left home.  Since I didn't really have a pattern for it I knew I would need some good pictures to reference later.  Because really, who can resist such an adorable bag!?  I have to make myself one someday.

The dimensions are similar to the other size of diaper bag I make, but this bag has a wider bottom and so it sits a little nicer in my opinion.  I made this over a year ago and I still love looking at it.  Hope you enjoy the 'Ella' too!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanky Giveaway

I have an awesome cousin that has a blog where she gives pretty cool tips and project ideas. I think she is amazing. She has a giveaway going for something that completely caught my eye what with my love of fabric and all. She is having a giveaway for some vintage hankies. You have to check it out!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My new Love

So sometimes I can't help myself when it comes to fabric and certain color combinations. What can I say? The whole reason I started making bags for people was so I could have an excuse to play with fabric and not have to spend all the money associated with it. But I do have moments of weakness. This moment started with my need for a kindle cover. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a cover that wasn't cute and I couldn't find one that I liked for not a ton of money... notice a theme here? Then I got creative and decided I could make my own cover and it would be darling to say the least. I went fabric hunting and I knew I wanted to do something with yellow, I just had find the right one. I walked around until I found one that spoke to me. So I picked it up and came home and made my cover.
Well, before I knew it I 'needed' a new purse. And wouldn't you know I still had some of that fabric left from my cover. Perfect! I added some grey and yellow to it and I am in love with the result! I am normally a brown kind of person but I am completely won over by this grey! I am working on a diaper bag for my sister in law right now with the same shade of grey and I can't wait to finish it so I can share it with you.
I am constantly amazed at all the room these bags have and how much they hold! I was at the store the other day and the cashier asked me if it was a diaper bag. I said no, it is my purse, but it holds just about everything. Inside my head I was thinking... you definitely don't have kids do you?

Pears and Flowers

I made these two bags for a lady that picked out her own fabric and sent it to me. They are all corduroy fabric. I have noticed they have some pretty cute corduroy fabric choices in the stores as it is fall now. I have to say I love all things fall and fun corduroy prints fits right in there. I am working on some fall table runners right now and can't wait to share them with you when they are done.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My niece is getting baptized this weekend and I am super bummed that my family won't be able to make it. She is ALL girl so I thought I would make her a ruffle scripture tote for her big day. I am so proud of her and her decision to be baptized!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scripture Totes

A friend of my sister was in need of some new totes to take their scriptures to church in. I was more than happy to make up a little bag for them based on my usual design. I had so much fun playing with the ruffles and lace! This little tote would also be a good mini purse. Depending on how much stuff you carry it could work for you too! It has six pockets on the inside and is 7 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Such a perfect little size!
Here are the bags I made for them:
Mom: She wanted pink and black and cream. I am in love with this style. I even like it without the flower on it! Just think of all the possibilities!

Daughter #1: Originally she wanted blue since it is her favorite color. Then she looked at my blog. How can you resist Zebra and Hot Pink?!Daughter #2: Her favorite color is green and she loves animals with big eyes, enter the fun polka dots and owl print. Such a fun combination!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two new ones

I had two friends request that I make them a little bit bigger version of the standard bag. I love the new size! It's a few inches taller than the standard and an inch wider. What a difference that little bit of extra room makes! Here are some pics to see what they requested.
I never get enough of green. What a great color! On this one I made a side pocket big enough for a water bottle since she always carries one in her purse. What custom pockets would you like?This one has made an animal print lover out of me. OH my! I can't even say how much I love this bag. I am now on the 'hunt' for some super cute animal print of my own. I had some scraps left over and couldn't help myself. I can see my niece toting this little beauty around!Don't all little girls want to be like their mommy? Truly glamorous!
I can't get enough of these two!